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Castle Rock, Colorado
Castle Rock, CO
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Castle Rock Nia Fitness Studio is located 15 minutes south of Lone Tree, 20 minutes south of the Denver Tech Center, 20 minutes west of Parker and 10 minutes north of Larkspur, Colorado. Our convenient, off-the-highway access (Just off I-25 and exit 184) makes it easy to get to our Nia classes
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*We recommend that you consult your health physician before beginning any exercise program.
What is Nia?

How is Nia different from other aerobics exercises? Is it really an aerobic class? How does it differ from a yoga or pilates class? Is Nia good for people who are overweight or who have injuries or arthritis?

Only you can answer the question of whether Nia is right for you. Showing up at a class without knowing what to expect may be a bit intimidating. Please watch at least the first video where co-founder Debbie Rosas Stewart will explain why they developed Nia and what is Nia.

I always dreamt of being a dancer. I always envied graceful women. I was 5'7" by the time I was 12 and I learned quickly that if I wanted a boy to look at me I had to slouch and be as "small" as I could. I notice other tall women in Nia classes also seem to feel that they need to be small and not take up too much space. Nia will encourage you to shatter those restrictions. You move to different areas on the class floor, taking up space. As your confidence builds then you can make larger movements with your body. After class, you may even notice that you continue to stand up straight, move more boldly and with more determination. Nia is more than a body fitness class. It is a guided meditation, a core fitness program, and a time for you to give yourself spiritual healing. It is an exercise class that will make you feel more beautiful.

Nia is hard to explain but easy to experience. The above videos will help you understand what to expect in a Nia class. The most important aspect of Nia is that it is an individual exercise program so teachers expect you to modify the Nia moves to your own style and abilities.

We invite you to come experience Nia for yourself. You may take a Nia class for free by filling out the form below or calling 303-588-1471 to reserve free class.
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Castle Rock, CO
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