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I found these Nia videos on YouTube and they do a great job explaining some of the different moves in Nia.

There are 52 different moves in Nia. Teachers mix up their classes by incorporating the different moves. We will be adding to this collection each month, so check back with us here or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Click Here to Visit.
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One of Nia's 52 Moves, the Cross-Behind, reminds me to embrace the Joy of Level 1 in my movement.  Cross Behind involves bringing one foot in a small "x" behind the other foot.  

Often, when the music invites us to move bigger, my students' and I "x" gets bigger and the body leans to one side or the other, thereby creating knee and hip complaints when I overextend.  

To energize the Cross Behind move, focus on 
(1) using one of Nia's 9 Movement Forms to energize your arm movements as Helen Terry suggests, such as Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz or Duncan Dance; or 
(2) moving energy upwards, as opposed to sideways, in the body (imagine a string is pulling your head and skeleton upward).  Alternatively, when moving downward in Cross Behind, imagine the tailbone leading you down to activate healing in the low back.  

Remember:  keep the "x" small whenever possible.  Less is more.  Have fun with this move!  - Sandy, Certified Nia teacher

Newly Featured Video - Nia Move: The Cross Behind