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The Thirteen Principles of Nia (a 13 part series)

Principle One:
 The Joy of Movement

"Joy is the primary sensation you should seek from all movement. If you momentarily lose joy, tweak your movement until joy again arises." 
from the fitness book The Nia Technique

Commentary by Julia Desmond,
Certified Nia Instructor

The Joy of Movement is the heart of Nia.  When we honor our bodies and move authentically in our own body's way we experience the Joy of Movement. 
For myself, I look forward to Nia because it feels wonderful for my body and it brings joy to my spirit. The class leaves me more energized than when I walk in and can improve my attitude if I come to class stressed. I always leave class in a better state than when I arrived. I guess I'm addicted! 

Commentary by Allison Frederick
Nia Studio owner/operator

Take a kid to the beach and no matter how cold the water is - they jump in! Walk a child through a forest and they'll leap up to see if they can touch the low branches. 
A child finds joy in moving their body.  A child isn't reluctant to move in order to get what they want or to have fun.
At some point, many of us lost our spontaneous movement; we forgot the "joy of movement."
The founders of Nia, Carlos and Debbie Rosas recognized this loss and created an exercise routine rooted in childhood bliss and activity. The goal of each workout is to experience joy. They believe that if you are having fun and experiencing joy while working out, you'll stick with it. Moving your way towards greater health and more joy is the first of 13 principles of Nia. It sounds like a great way to start to me.

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Principle One:  The Joy of Movement
"Joy is the primary sensation you should seek from all movement. If you momentarily lose joy, tweak your movement until joy again arises." *

Principle Two:  Natural Time and the Movement Forms
"All of your Nia movements are done in your own personal, natural sense of time and include movements and energy from nine classic forms." *

Principle Three: Music and the BBC System 
"Nia is practiced to the sounds and silences of music, using an eight-beat counting (BBC) system (1 - and, 2 - and, 3 - and, 4 - and, 5 - and...) to organize the movements." *

Principle Four:  FreeDance
"Anything goes movement-wise. Let go of structure.

Principle Five: Awareness and Dancing through Life
"In Nia, you become aware that every movement in life is a dance and that every movement can be used to self-heal."

Part 2 of Principle Five: Dancing through Life

Principle Six: The Base - Feet and Legs
"Your feet are the hands that touch the earth, and through your legs they carry the energy of the earth to your whole body."

Article Coming Next - Principle Seven: The Three Planes and Three Levels
"Every movement can be done within three planes - low, middle, and high (or as you will hear in class, Level One, Level Two, Level Three) - and can be done with three different levels of intensity. Mixing the three levels and three planes creates a wide repertoire of movement choices. Transfer body weight along a Smile Line, moving from low to middle, to high. Use three levels of intensity to vary your rate of exertion."

*Nia Principle descriptions are taken directly from the fitness book "The Nia Technique: The High-Powered Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life" by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas

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Nia is founded on the idea of joy.
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