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Castle Rock Nia Fitness Studio is located 15 minutes south of Highlands Ranch, 20 minutes south of the Denver Tech Center, 20 minutes west of Parker and 10 minutes north of Larkspur, Colorado. Our convenient, off-the-highway access (Just off I-25 and Exit 184) makes it easy to get to our Nia classes
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The Nia Belt System:  the Science and Craft Behind 
Teaching and Embodying Nia

Nia belt training will cause you to levitate!
Disclaimer: This statement has been documented but scientific evidence is still forthcoming.
Commentary from Sandy 
As many of you know, I completed my Nia Brown Belt certification in October.  There is so much depth and richness inherent in the Nia Technique; and for those of you who experience the end product--a fun, enriching, joyful movement experience--what's behind the crafting of a Nia class is decades of science and study, and a profound love for the Body's Way.  Did you know that you can go through the belt system for personal enrichment, without actually teaching Nia?  And there are some who do just that.

There is simply no way to fully encapsulate all that we receive in the week long intensive trainings in a short article.  It has often been said that we're peeling away the layers of an onion; one layer at a time.  In a nutshell, the Nia White Belt focuses primarily on learning how to become aware in the physical body, and embody the concept of the Joy of Movement.  The Nia Blue Belt takes us one step further, and teaches us how not only to be aware, but also to actually be in relationship with our bodies, with others, and with our 4 realms:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  The Nia Brown Belt takes all that we have embodied in the White and Blue Belts and reveals how everything that is experienced as a sensation in the body is an energy experience; and teaches us how to use energy in effortless ways to co-create the Nia experience.

After the Brown Belt I feel as though I have a much larger experience of the world around me.  Working with energy has helped me feel more grounded, centered, comfortable in my skin, and aware of my connection with everyone and everything around me.  It's a really beautiful sensation--my spirit is soaring!  I highly recommend it.

I'll look forward to seeing you in class for our next "energy exchange"!
- - Allison also shares her experience with Nia training in Portland, Oregon, CLICK HERE to read.
Tips if you go to Portland

Allison highly recommends staying at the Mark Spencer Hotel. It is several blocks from the Nia Headquarters but the blocks in Portland are short and it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the headquarters. The Mark Spencer hotel has kitchens in each room which will save you a lot of money in eating out. You can pick up food at farmers markets or there is a Whole Foods a few blocks from the hotel. The hotel is also at the edge of an incredibly fun district called the Pearl District. This neighborhood is amazing with fantastic restaurants, breweries, indie film house, and of course, Powell's Bookstore.

Look on Mark Spenser's website for the best price. They have a week discount rate (this is true as of the time of this writing). 

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