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Castle Rock Nia Fitness Studio is located 15 minutes south of Highlands Ranch, 20 minutes south of the Denver Tech Center, 20 minutes west of Parker and 10 minutes north of Larkspur, Colorado. Our convenient, off-the-highway access (Just off I-25 and Exit 184). 
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*We recommend that you consult your health physician before beginning any aerobics program.
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Can 60 Minutes Really Give You Health and Happiness? - a recommendation to motivate yourself to exercise.

As busy as we are these days, it is hard to believe that 1 hour can make a significant difference in our feelings of happiness or health but that is exactly what some of our members in our Nia fitness class are experiencing. 

Many of us concede that group exercise classes are good for accountability and often motivate us to exercise when we are tempted not to. But when our finances are tight or our schedules are bombarded with obligations, it seems much easier to simply buy an exercise video or workout with FitTV. The trouble as many of us will admit to; is that we don't make the time to insert the video into the DVD player and actually do the routine, despite our best intentions. 

One Nia member, Kathryn of Castle Pines North, stated she hadn't been in a group exercise class in eight years. Then one day a neighbor came by and told her about a fun fitness class that was starting in Castle Rock. The class is called Nia (pronounced "knee-uh"). Nia is a fusion fitness class, taking the best of yoga and tai chi, adding punching and kicking exercises found in martial arts which are great for toning arms and hips, and then combining those exercises with moderate cardio, uplifting music and fun dance moves. The enthusiasm Kathryn's neighbor had for the Nia classes was enough to encourage Kathryn to come, and nearly six months later, she still comes regularly. 

A group exercise class serves as a commitment in our calendar and we are more likely to stick with our exercise routine if it is scheduled. This is just human nature. Another member, Mary Ellen of Castle Rock, enjoys Nia so much that she schedules the rest of her day around her Nia classes. She said her friends and family understand that she is busy during that time. 

One way a Nia class is unique is the attitude of the teacher and the other members. Everyone is so friendly and non-judgmental. The classes aren't competitive or hard core. Even intermediate yoga and Pilates classes can be intimidating because of how limber some other students are. For someone with a chronic minor injury or who simply doesn't have a body like a pretzel, group classes can be frustrating. Nia classes emphasize personal expression and encourage each person to work out to their own abilities or desires. Because of this approach anyone watching a Nia class will see that during and after class everyone is smiling and happy. 

In this way, 60 minutes can make a huge difference in your health and happiness. At the end of each class I feel relaxed and happy. Whatever frustrations or concerns I had before class seem more manageable and I am ready to tackle them with a new found sense of ease.