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Nia is gentle on your knees. 

It is a low impact / high fun group exercise class.

Nia combines the stretching and stress relief found in yoga, the power and focus of martial arts, and the fun and freedom of dance.
"The joy of movement is the secret of fitness. 

Watch a child run and jump. Watch how they play. Watch how free their feet are. They know that exercising is not normal but moving is!"

                                         - Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of The Nia Technique
"Nia Rocks! 
I’ve been attending Nia for over a year and for me it rocks!  I exercise 6 days a week and Nia is a key part of that routine.  I enjoy Nia because it offers variety to my exercise options and is the most fun of anything I do.  The low impact aerobics of the routines allow me to participate despite an arthritic knee.  I also enjoy the variety of music.  I’m hoping the Nia classes in Castle Rock are able to expand their schedules and offer even more classes.  I think I’m hooked on Nia for life!"

- Myrnan, Castle Rock 

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When was the last time you smiled & laughed 
while exercising?
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*We recommend that you consult your health physician before beginning any aerobics program.
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