Nia - pronounced "knee-ah" is a mind/body exercise program set to uplifting music.

Nia is a low impact exercise class.

A Nia class will provide you with the stretch 
and stress relief found in yoga, the muscle toning for hips & arms from martial art punches and kicks, and the flexibility and freedom of dance.   

All these are combined into one incredibly fun 
Nia fitness class.

What to Expect in a Nia Class:   

Take time to catch your breath, get a drink of water, or engage in meditative stretches. 

Each Nia class is one hour with "breather" breaks in between.

Nia is gentle on the knees.

Learn to move your body and get a cardio workout without pounding on your knees and feet. 

Nia's moves are gentle and deliberate so they 
nourish the joints rather than pummel them.

The Music in Nia fosters a meditative state.

Tired of group exercises that blast techno music? 
You won’t find that with a Nia class. With a touch of world music and a smattering of songs you may know and love; each movement is choreographed with the music to give both your body and your mind a work out in a way that will reduce stress and rejuvenate you.

We do not wear shoes in Nia.

The founders of Nia believe that we can increase our awareness and connection with our environment by kicking off our shoes. The soles of our feet have 7,000 nerve endings which communicate to us. We use our feet to increase our awareness of our present state. 

Practicing Nia in bare feet also strengthens the muscles in your toes, arches, and ankles. Many people with feet problems and pain have found that Nia restores function in their feet, making it easier for them to walk around. 

If you are reluctant to take your shoes off, then please bring non-slip socks that have rubber soles.

Watch a Nia Video:

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Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.
author of 
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"I love Nia! It's a total 
mind, body celebration." 
"I thought the music was great and fit the different moves taught. The group was fun, relaxed and motivating." 

Sherry M., Castle Pines North resident, 66 years young 
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*We recommend that you consult your health physician before beginning any aerobics program.
Nia improves golf game by increasing your range of motion and stabilizing your spine.
Nia can improve your golf game, tennis game or even make it easier to bend down to tie your shoes. Nia moves increase your range of motion and stabilize your spine. 
This article also explains the differences between yoga and Nia.
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The Founders of Nia were aerobic teachers in the 1980s but they noticed that their instructors and students were experiencing high rates of injury from the aerobic workouts so they decided there was a better way. After studying many different exercise routines, they developed "Nia." 

Learn more about the 13 Principles of Nia to see if their exercise philosophy makes sense to you.

Nia equates fitness with movement. Keep moving and stay flexible and healthy.
"Nia Rocks! 
I’ve been attending Nia for over a year and for me it rocks!  I exercise 
6 days a week and Nia is a key part of that routine.  I enjoy Nia because it offers variety to my exercise options and is the most fun of anything I do.  The low impact aerobics of the routines allow me to participate despite an arthritic knee.  I also enjoy the variety of music.  I’m hoping the Nia classes in Castle Rock are able to expand their schedules and offer even more classes.  I think I’m hooked on Nia for life!"
- Myrnan, Castle Rock 

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Click here to read about Nia in Oprah Magazine
"When all I wanted to do was lie down, Nia was the inspiration to keep moving."
- Kathy Wolstenholme

Michelle Obama may have graced the cover of the May 2009 issue of Oprah Magazine but in the "bodywise" section, one woman spoke about her experience with Nia exercise classes telling readers how Nia helped her overcome the negative self image feelings brought on by her severe acne and even helped her overcome breast cancer.

CLICK HERE to read this Nia article in Oprah Magazine.

CLASS UPDATES: We have moved!! - 363 Village Square Ln. # 125 
 Classes meet T/Th at 9:30 am and Sat. at 8 am. Join us!!
Classes Cancelled most of July. We will resume Tuesday July 26.